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There are tracks you can go to and networks you can run on for days. The wonderful thing about train trips like these is that, depending on the speed of the train, you spend a lot of time inside, making your car akin to a hotel room. Fun, right? People often spend that time inside reading, listening to music or even using the 22Bet promo code… whatever they think is fun!

The trips that last a few hours are not the same as those that last for days at a time. Here are 6 of the longest train trips in the world you can take. I’ve limited the trains to one entry per country.

Trans-Siberian Express

One of the longest railway networks in the world is definitely the Trans-Siberian railway. The train ride begins in Russia’s capital city and ends in Vladivostok in 6 days, during which the Trans-Siberian Express runs for 5,772 miles. Originally built by Tsar Alexander III, the train departs every two days, so you have to be either careful or not in a hurry. And, after a six-day train ride, you can explore Asia to your heart’s content.

The Canadian

The Canadian is not only the best way to see Canada, but it is also the longest, save walking, cycling, and riding a moose. You will cover 2,775 miles within three days and you will be focused almost entirely on the scenery. One of my favorite treats on the Canadian is the dome car. The train starts its journey in Toronto and ends it in Vancouver.

The Indian Pacific

In the Land Down Under, the Indian Pacific operates from Perth to Sydney. In its 2,704 miles, it covers stops like Adelaide and the ghost town of Cook. That means that you get to see the beaches in the west, south, and east. In 4 days, you are going to witness the glory of the Blue Mountains and the rest of the Outback. Prepare for the weather and enjoy the ride.

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Vivek Express

The longest train trip in India and one of the longest in the world, Vivek Express runs on about 2,650 miles over some three to four days. The train is not in a hurry and there are more than 50 stops along the way. Truth be told, the Indian Railways Network has four different Vivek Express trains, but I’m talking about the Dibrugarh – Kanyakumari route.

Eastern and Orient Express

If you want to travel through Asia in style, then Eastern and Orient Express is the right train to be on. Plus, you know, the 1,200 miles it covers in 4 days. The train runs through Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. This train was originally built in Japan and used in New Zealand.

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Nippon Express

If we were to look at the time it takes for a train journey, we could very well pick up a place where there’s a railway strike and say that there lies the longest trip in the world. However, I’m more interested in the distance for this particular post. 1,740 miles is the length between Wakkanai and Kagoshima in Japan. The trip lasts for barely over a day.

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