Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

I have this beautiful memory of being on a train, taking up the scenery, and having fun betting online with Betfair Promo Code. For some reason, I am very fond of this memory because I was so happy and relaxed. Trains have always been important to people. Apart from other modes of transportation, many of which are faster than trains and allow you more freedom, like having your own car, or using airplanes, trains have been a favorite of many.

Why are trains so popular? There is something divine in traveling the world relatively slowly, in a very linear matter, with the sound of steel banging below you and the train’s horn sounding every now and then. You can meet lots of people on a train and even sleep in sleeping cars. With that in mind, people can move freely on a train and enjoy their trip in more ways than one.

Australia and New Zealand are some of the world’s most iconic countries with some of the most interesting scenery. There is nothing like a train trip to get familiarized with a country. Here are the best trips in Australia and New Zealand you can take by train.

The Indian Pacific

If you want to meet Australia, this is one of the best ways to do it. A 4000 kilometer long trip, with 4 days and 3 nights in a train. Well, you can also sign up for excursions and tour local mines and sights. The train travels from Perth to Sydney and offers you a unique experience of getting to see a country up close. There are several types of accommodation available, from single cabins where you have a shared shower, to luxury cabins with double beds or a twin bed, depending on what you prefer. You also get in-cabin breakfast in the more expensive cabin. The trip takes you through cities like Adelaide, and various beautiful regions of South Australia.

The Ghan

If you think that moving West to East or vice versa is the only amazing trip in Australia, then you are in for a surprise. You can also move North to South, by taking a train ride from Darwin to Adelaide. One is on the northern coast of Australia, the other on the southern, both in a central position on the continent. The trip is around 3000 kilometers long and you can see lots of things along the way, from mines to towns.

Marlborough Flyer

This run is on the South Island in New Zealand. This is an interesting trip because the train is pulled by a steam locomotive built in 1915. It is a relatively short trip, but you get to see World War I and World War II memorabilia, from planes to everything else. Even Peter Jackson had a hand in making this trip more interesting. While definitely shorter than the Australian trips, it is packed with history. Riding on a train pulled by a steam locomotive is a truly unique experience.


This train ride is interesting because it goes by and through a lot of mountains, called the Southern Alps, the northern ones being in Europe, of course. Located on South Island, the trip connects Christchurch on the east coast and Greymoor, on the west coast. It is a great trip if you enjoy mountains and nature, a different kind of trip compared to the barren wastes of Australia.

These are some of the most interesting trips which you can embark on by train in Australia or New Zealand.

By Ella