Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Not everyone has traveled the world using a single means of transportation. People often stick to airplanes because they are the fastest and relatively comfortable unless you are scared for some reason. Other modes of transportation like buses and cars you might be familiar with, especially when it comes to long distance trips. 

Trains, on the other hand, are another story. Back in the day, long train rides were normal because trains were a relatively cheap and reliable way of transport. Trains are still cheap and reliable, but much faster than before, and a lot more comfortable. If you wanted to embark on a long distance trip with a train, here are some things which you should know.

Trains Have Sleeping Cars

This is probably the most important thing to note when going on a long distance trip by train. Trains can be really comfortable, but if you need to sit for hours and hours, it might get long and difficult. You might get sleepy and doze off, but that is not a comfortable way to sleep. 

Sleeping cars exist and have for ages. They are amazing, but cost a bit more money, depending on what kind of coupe you get in. Spending the night in a bunk/bed is a great way of making your long trip a lot more bearable. 

Trains Allow you to Walk

Unlike buses and cars, trains rarely have any rapid change in their speed or direction, unless they are high speed trains, which would make your long trip short. Because trains are so linear, you can walk outside the coupes, or through the aisle, depending on the type of wagon. You can move between wagons, as well. This is specifically interesting, because you are sealed away from the noise inside the train, and moving between wagons, you can literally enjoy the fresh air and noise, if you like the sounds of a train moving (and who doesn’t?). Make use of this ability and stretch your legs. You might meet new people.

Trains Have Bathrooms

It is about as normal as an airplane. Trains have bathrooms. Almost every wagon has its own bathroom. They are small and if you have ever been in an airplane bathroom, then you know what to expect. The bathrooms in trains might be a bit more similar to public bathrooms, so make sure to be prepared if you need to stay there a while. Long distance trips are easy when you have a working bathroom.

Stock up on Food

Some trains have food carts going about and selling you stuff, but you should definitely have food of your own. Water you can get, and that is okay, but you might not enjoy the food which might be stale or have not been bought for ages. Bring food with you, albeit this advice works for any long distance trip, and not just a train trip.

These are some tips to have in mind prior to going on a long distance train trip.

By Ella