Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Our digital world allows us to enjoy some things which were unavailable in the decades before. Some were available, but in a way only to some technically gifted people, or those who had access to universities or simply had a lot of money and patience to deal with technology in its inception.

Today, we can stream our lives, work online, complete our registration to have more fun betting, and so much more. We can control most of our appliances wirelessly. Yes, a smart house is something people live in, where almost everything can be controlled wirelessly.

Model railways have also received that very same benefit. They can be controlled wirelessly. For the uninitiated, there will be a plethora of challenges on the way to making their model railway wireless. To make that journey shorter and more enjoyable, here is a list of the best applications you can use to control your model railway.


This application is really comprehensive. The only caveat is that you must have a Z21 Digital Center. Most applications are used to control their own digital system. There aren’t many universal control systems nor applications. There is a graphic interface and you can use it to control your model railway pretty intuitively. You can turn on the lights on your locomotive as well as make it sound itself. You can also start moving, increasing and decreasing the speed by using a slider. It is an application available for Android and iOS users. You can easily select your desired locomotives from your own locomotive library. If you have multiple railway models, it is the perfect application for you.

ECoS Cab

This application is used to control ECoS devices connected to your phone via WiFi. The application is intuitive and allows you to control parts of your railway, as well as your locomotive. You can access various locomotives from your library, if you have more railway models. You can control each part of your railway, by pressing buttons which correspond to the part of the track you want to control. Steer your train and increase the locomotive’s speed, as well as control its sound and illumination. It is available on Android, iOS and Microsoft devices.

Loco Operator

This simple application is made to control WiFiTrax devices. They make digital interfaces and devices which you can use to connect your railway to a controller, in this case, your phone or tablet. You can control two locomotives simultaneously to make for a very interesting railway. Switch the wrong tracks and your two locomotives might even collide (provided that they are on the same railway). 

These are the three applications you can download in order to control your locomotives. It is best to check whether your digital interface has its own application, to avoid any incompatibilities. Have fun with your models!

By Ella